Saturday, June 16, 2012

I took the Seumas Gallacher Challenge! Will you?

I kept to the '7' rule  but with a slight variation!

She Becomes You
chapter 7; paragraph 7; Line 7...
He saw the car inch toward the exit from the church watching as it stopped to wait for him to pass.  At the last possible second it shot out in front of him.  The last thing he saw before jerking the wheel hard  toward the edge of the mountain  was the car seat highlighted in the rear window that held a small child.  To avoid hitting the young child he sacrificed his own life.  He  left the road knowing it was his end.  There had been no choice in it for him.  The last seconds of his life were filled with thoughts of his children and his wife. “I love you Amy”  His last words spoken aloud before the cab was crushed into the bottom of the ravine with the force of the 80,000 lbs he had been hauling behind him.

I challenge these authors:

Roger Grubbs
Laura Vosika
Andrew Harding
Billy Kravitz
Virginia McKevitt
Char Adlesperger
JThomas Ross


seumasgallacher said...

WEel done m'Lady, as usual, rising to the fore in everything you tackle... it's fun isn't it ? BTW, it's not really the 'seumas gallacher challenge' as i think it's been moving around a long time, but hey, I'm Scottish, I'll take whatever free credit's going around ! luv ya !! xx :):)

O. G. Tomes said...
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O. G. Tomes said...

To promote or not promote tis the question and since I am promoting you and you challenged me "its Seumas's"! Hope that didn't offend any one! Where did it originate? Bless, I have folks running here and there taking the 'Seumas Challenge! I am glad you are Scottish, too!You know the pic of you in the kilt is causing quite the stir!

Virginia McKevitt said...

Here's my lucky