Sunday, June 17, 2012

Social Media Monster...Take Control

A message from the ‘Social Media Secret Society’:
    Just by chance I stumbled upon the code for deciphering the secret formula for social media success. It was written by a gentleman of sterling character so I thought I would share with you his last dying words as it was not until the very end that he learned how all this works!
His last words:
“I have found how to control the monster of social media.”
“The last time I twittered my blog I googled all over my facebook.”
Understand, that when you post on your blog, if you also share it to twitter, google and facebook you save mountains of time that you can spend doing other things such as writing. (some people even link everything so that their social media sites are all linked and each post is shared automatically but early on, an app for this failed and for over a week I struggled to catch up. ie: share to twitter which is linked to facebook and google) This technique will become part of the posting process eventually and helps you to avoid visiting said site therefore escaping the pull they have once you are actually there. Set aside a specific time for actually visiting each social media venue in your schedule and then do everything in your power to stick to it. It seems you can never do just one tweet, google or fb message so give them their time justified by what you can reasonably allot them which helps you stay in control, just saying.
signed: Sharing Retweeter of Googledom


seumas gallacher said...

Absolutely in love with this posting... wisdom comes in nuggets like this. All readers and writers should hitch on to this ... life is far too complicated not to..!

O. G. Tomes said...

So have you joined Google+ yet? Its late here so I will check in 'my morning'!

O. G. Tomes said...
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