Friday, June 8, 2012

How far would you go?
O. G. Tomes wants to know?

The difference between taking the easy way and the road less traveled is in direct relation to how bad you truly want the story, the part, the job or the backing for your project.
Thinking outside of the box has its merits but what do you do if you find yourself thrust into a situation that leaves you little choice as to what direction you should take? "Boldly go where most would fear to tread and if that isn't the smart thing to do...." "You can always run like hell!" Check out the latest addition to my reel....if you dare. Do Not Watch....if you scare easily!
 Here is the video I posted not long ago to Youtube. I was doing some on site research for the final closing of the last chapter in the The Test of Faith which is book Two of The Sanctuary Saga! When I heard the house or whatever knocking in answer to my scared question, knowing I was alone, as in no other human was there inside the site with me... poof I was out of there!

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