Monday, January 30, 2012

"Sound Advice": 'hard rock' ........ really helps! and so do all your e-mails in support! At least, I think, I have it all sorted out!

       The 'sound' advice comment .... a  definite pun refering to my playing of the 'rock music' while working is because it is useful in the right environment.  Albeit, the real picture should be described as, "yes, I have seriously thought about banging a rock against the ol' noggin in the hopes it might help" ...... it is a 'self- help' suggestion for anyone with thoughts of jumping feet first into the e-publishing arena which is like a 2-sided coin. It can give the exhilaration of accomplishment yet it can still take a chunk sized bite out of your heart and yes, your butt.

     Once you 'dangle your toes' into the stream created by the vortex of self-publishing you will feel the pull of the rush, but beware, there is an unseen undertow beneath all the rules,  policies and yes, the agreements that flood in.  Once you 'dangle your toes' into the babbling brooks presented as the 'must haves' you will begin to notice the dangers hidden by the seemingly tranquil scene your senses first experience.  When you 'dangle those toes' into the stream  be careful that you aren't pulled into the vortex too deep and get lost.  Your focus must be of the forest as well as the individual trees that comprise it.  Make sure you have a strategy that is written down with goals set firmly in place while insuring they are within reason.  The list of warnings, gathered from this writer's personal experience are filled with,  "Ah? ..... Ha!" 'zzzzzz

     The major factors comprised of formatting, marketing and project time allottment while trying to live your life in the present, are enough to travel across your mind leaving you as either an accomplished multi- tasker or a near comatose bundle of nerves. This is also directly related to the "caf  verses decaf" argument as well. Warning: the previous is an alternating day to day status and it can shift midday, midstream and midnight as well. Protecting your toes is a 24/7 J O B !  

     You will face many bridges needing to be crossed. Knowing with certainty, you can easily fall into the depth of the dark swirling water over which you dangle, by what is most days considered, a frayed thread at best.  You will have to make many split second decisions that none of the research, you have absorbed thus far, can  help you with.  Your choosing from the directions, that on occasion are offered, will not always work out for the best but "Do Not Give Up!  Things are up in the air while this new wave of publishing is trending and this writer feels sure when the dust settles, authors, as well their rights, and their readers will benefit!

Alas, stress and negativity can circumvent the best laid plans so here is my 'secret' weapon.............
Laughter filled humor and plenty of it!  Lemons and all folks... so do not be shocked when a carrot is seen floating in your lemonade.

I further emboss my encouragement with these:

1] Tether yourself to a substantial anchor: preferably one that is no less than four foot deep in research. Know everything you can!  Trust me to balance you by saying, "You can't do it all on this one!"  Learn to juggle blindfolded.  It is the only way!

2] #1 ^Should be done before  any 'toe dangling' is attempted in your effort to test the 'stream' and its momentum.  Even in the right order your attempts can go awry.  Sharks abound!  Some of which are the social media type 'powers that be' who will uncaringly destroy your hard work without an explanation or reason.  These ^ have now been used to give this:  only the second time I have ever truly experienced the phenomenom I present you  with a true definition of.... "Writer's Block"!  I ask, how many and who will be next!  Talk about the removal of your 'freedom of speech'!  Are the traditionalists behind this move?  Other phrases, more toward the edge and also fringing on the subject of a crackpot's ramblings, will remain unspoken here, but I am sure any with a mere bit of intelligence can picture the words!  Read between these lines!

3] When overcome with self-doubt repeat this mantra: I CAN, I WILL, I HAVE........  then list your accomplishments to date, tighten your bootstraps (yes you need boots this not a safe stream lined with smooth pebbles), adjust your swimming cap and dive back into the water a smarter albeit slightly wounded member of the 'club'.  Remember you are not the only fish who has a few shredded fins and missing scales  from the experience.

4] ALWAYS..... refer to your 'plan of strategy' while being flexible enough to 'add or subtract' any elements that appear to have 'glitch' watermarked across them.  Should I name a few? Nah! They know who they are!  And here is a little secret I will let them in on........ We now know who you are, too! 

5] Fellow Authors: are your greatest resource!  Watch their moves and see what works but more than that..... Welcome them with the open arms!  They have been the most accepting and helpful bunch I have ever come across whether it via the net or in person!  They cheer you on as no other can!  I have experienced this firsthand and they are the only ones out there who can truly understand .... "the situation we writers speak of". 

6] If you are "flying by the seat of your pants" through this: ...'the new and uncharted waters of self-publishing,'.......  my best advice is not to wear a well worn pair of pants... though your favorites are comfortable.... they are usually not sturdy enough to handle the stress!

7] When all else fails and you find yourself floundering, cornered and stomped on by 'the powers that be'.................. Smile, put on your helmet, spread out your crayons and get creative!
Window licking is optional.=))
And then, of course, leave them with a smile!  Oh! Gee! That is what I try to do!

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