Wednesday, July 11, 2012

#4 The Hyperlink

Tip #4 

Today, ladies and gents, I will be explaining how to make a regular word into a link that takes your reader to an extended explanation of your subject matter. These directions are for blogger but if you can find this little tool on your regular site I am sure they will probably interact fairly close to what I am describing.  
Now notice the tool bar above...see the word link just to the right of the highlighter tool? Sometimes it is represented by a circular graphic with arrow points following in the same direction.

Usually I write my whole post then decide which words or phrases to turn into links.  I highlight the chosen words then click on the 'link' tool to make the drop down box appear.....

Now if you have highlighted a word or phrase just prior to clicking on the tool it will appear in the text box then all you have to do is copy/paste the url of the link you want the word to display.  If not, you must type the wanted text into the top slot then copy/paste your url in the box for the link direction.  Make sure the appropriate circle is filled..... either web address or email.  Then click on the 'test this link' and make sure the link will take your reader to where you want it to.  Also when you have published your post it is a good idea to proof read it again and use the  links to make sure they are in proper working order.   Viola!  A hyperlink!  If you have any other questions just leave them as a comment.  Hope this helps!

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Virginia McKevitt said...

Thank you O.G. I'm going to use this in my next post. Very helpful info as usual.