Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Foundation Crumbling?

They read, therefore we write.
 We live to write and write to live.
This is the time, a new era if you will, of THE WRITER.
Finally, our time has come and we are empowered by the new found freedom to publish our own works!  Indies don't just rule, they are ROCKING the very foundation of the publishing world! WRITE ON!


Virginia McKevitt said...

Life for an aspiring author couldn't be better than now. We are not knocking, we are breaking the door down.

KTBug4Peace said...

Hello Tomes,
I am working on a couple of book writing projects. This forum sounds interesting & I am familiarizing myself with the site. Could you give me instruction on how best to use this forum & be helpful to others?

O. G. Tomes said...

I shall be in your area tomorrow! Might have the chance to experience the grace of your home so that I might hand deliver such a missive?