Sunday, May 20, 2012

Seumas Gallacher: A brilliant light shining from the UK!

A Quote from the Author:
"It's great to laugh, particularly at ourselves.  Take the world and all it contains seriously, but for goodness sake don't take ourselves too seriously."

Readers, here is an author with a serious multifaceted ambiance that you should take notice of.

4 Star Review for "The Violin Man's Legacy"

    Fast paced action that grabs you from the very first page mingles with spicy yet tasteful touches of steam to unwrinkle the investigative insights into the corporate world of security.
    Travel around the world......
across Europe, to Hong Kong and South America as this arresting plot plays out.
    No loose ends here readers and the 'legacy' will warm your heart with its honesty.
    The characters are well built and sturdy enough to bring the reader back for a second read and a sequel or two!
Gallacher, tell us.... is there a sequel in the works?

Stay tuned because he has agreed to be a guest here!

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