Sunday, April 29, 2012

To market! To Market?

OH! The swirl of the book marketing in its true and continuous theme doesn't realize we would like to 'call in well' on any given day to spend time doing....NOTHING!  
       I have tweeted, staged, googled, fb'd, goodreads, author denned and many many more. Just check out the link list on my OG Tomes blog!  Where does it actually end or the better question is ....
"Is this all for naught?"
       When this all began I had to pencil in time for the marketing and now I have to pencil in time for my writing!  Where does the time go?  I am already working 20 hour days.  I am as helpful as I can be.  I have created 7 trailers in the total time I have been at this...6 months... and the swirl never seems to lessen but turns faster and grows thicker with each new avenue found to stroll down harking my wares.  I am one of those positive people that strives on.... but there are some things that get to me..... one is watching someone give up.
       Their work was good.  So being a very personable type and with their background this all should have been... well whole lot easier... but they stopped, they gave in to the odds and now their friendly face and interactions are missing from the daily swirl of my marketing...  I still look for them but other than some automated tweets that have dwindled out there is nothing left of the person who had become a friend.
       In doing all the research, long before I ever dangled a toe into the stream of self-marketing, I knew the odds and with my determination I decided to give it a shot.  What I was never warned of was the fact that I would have to watch fellow authors fall to the wayside. Yes, people who had better odds of making it than I, just gave up. I never realized that I would have to look the other way and trudge on while leaving them to accept their choice of giving up...for it is not of my nature to 'not help'.
      Where do we go from here?  I mean how thick should my skin get?  It was commented just last week that it is the industry's way of weeding out the mass of writers that are epublishing now.... to make the cream rise to the top... but at the expense of someone's dream?  I get the competition.  I get that the influx of the newly published, which should really open the eyes of the 'traditionalists', are for now relishing the freedom of their choices but the talk always leads back to the fact that deep inside they want their books optioned by the very system that probably ignored their works to begin with.  Well, my research shows that it is pretty hard to ignore the fact:

This is the time, a new era if you will, of THE WRITER.
Don't give up!

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